Our team of dedicated volunteers is currently hard at work operating Ottawa’s first pop-up overdose prevention site.

Visit this page for regular updates on site visits, lives saved and anything else we’re getting up to.


Joint Public Statement on Ottawa’s Overdose Prevention Site

Ottawa’s mayor and city council have voiced support for shutting down the city’s peer-run, life-saving overdose prevention site which has seen more than 1,100 visits since first opening. In the context of Canada’s current, unprecedented overdose epidemic, we believe such services must be maintained, and to close them would be both immoral and potentially life threatening.

To read or download a full copy of the joint public statement on Ottawa’s Overdose Prevention Site, click here.


Responding to a crisis is hard

Join us at our upcoming event, “Responding to a Crisis.”

We get it. We know you might be stressed, scared, sad, tired or coping, because we are too. If you’re in need of some support, come join us this Friday, September 29th, from 1-4 pm at the Routhier Community Centre (172 Guigues). The event is free for any OPO volunteers or harm reduction workers and will be facilitated by Yvette from Aids Bereavement and Resilience Program Ontario.

Stay for a minute, or a couple hours, we’re here to help out each other!

Download a printable version of the event poster here to share it with your friends and those who need a little bit of support.