Request from Residents of Tent City

People struggling with homelessness in Ottawa are requesting your support. See below a statement from residents of Tent City and a list of supplies they need.

In solidarity,




As many of you know, a number of us have been struggling with homelessness in the past year. This precarious housing situation is rooted in increasing rents, discrimination, low vacancy rates, several mass evictions that recently occurred in the neighbourhood, and a rooming house fire that occurred this late spring.

Local health and social services are doing what they can to support us to secure housing however this is a bleak time and a process fraught with multiple barriers, especially in lieu of the current housing crisis.

Facing this, some of us have organized ourselves in a tent city, a gathering place for safety from violence, overdose, harassment and the other dangers facing us when we are homeless. We are active members of the community and have provided many hours of volunteer labour and community service to the community and the neighbourhood we live in.

As residents of tent city, we are currently in need of your support to increase our daily wellbeing and living situation, and require essential food, water, equipment and supplies.

The following are some items that could help.

·     Fire extinguishers

·     Water bottles

·     Water Keg

·     Kerosene Oil (#1 Canadian Tire)

·     Blankets

·     Hygiene supplies

·     Utensils, paper plates and cups

·     Jugs (Juice/Water)

·     Zip Ties

·     Tents

·     Bike Rack

·      BBQ

·     Winterized Sleeping Bags (-30)

·     Food

·     Hot water containers

·     Coffee/Tea

·     Ice Tea/Orange Tang

·     Batteries (AA, AAA, C)

·     Dry Firewood

·     40ft x 40ft tarp

·     Camping Chairs

·     Bundles of Hay

·     Inflatable Mats/Beds

·     Oil Lamps

·     First Aid Kits

Thank you in advance for your contributions. The donated supplies will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off with staff at St. Luke’s Table, Monday – Friday 9am-2pm. Please label items “Tent City”.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.


2 thoughts on “Request from Residents of Tent City”

  1. They can’t stay in tents during the winter! The city or someone needs to buy or build winterized shelter ASAP. How about instead of extending the train tracks the city builds more shelters and programs to get people off the streets and out of tents. This is urgent and unacceptable in a Canadian city, especially the capital!


  2. I agree, I can’t believe we have a tent city in the Nation’s Capital. How incredibly disgraceful. I never thought Canada could stoop so low. Please encourage your communities and children to participate in helping any way they can. This is our city. Let’s help to make it better.


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